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A Budget Holiday In Sri Lanka




Meet and assist at the Airport and Proceed to the Train Station in Fort, to leave for Kandy.

A ride in the Observation saloon to Hill Capital is one of the most scenic rail journeys in the world! You are sure to witness and experience a way of life that has existed since time immemorial.

Meet at the Kandy Train station proceed to the Holiday Bungalow in Kandy – Lulwatte.

PM   Leisure at Holiday Bungalow.
    Dinner and overnight at Holiday Bungalow



After breakfast leave for a Kandy city tour.Visit the Botanical gardens, Kandy temple of Tooth Relic

Botanical Gardens, which was originally the pleasure gardens of the Royalty.
Nearly 4000 species of plants are found in this garden and it is encircled by the
Mahaweli River.

After visiting the Botanical gardens, on the way to the Temple of the Tooth relic, visit a Gem Museum, and an Antique shop.

After visiting the Botanical gardens, on the way to the Temple of the Tooth relic, visit a Gem Museum, and an Antique shop.

Temple of the Tooth Relic… The tooth was snatched from the Buddha's funeral pyre in 543 B.C. and brought to Sri Lanka in the 4th century A.D. It was first housed in the ancient city of Anuradhapura but due to upheavals there it was moved to Kandy. The Temple of the Tooth was built in 1687 to 1707 and also from 1747 to 1782 by the mighty rulers of the Kandyan Kingdom. It is an impressive pink structure surroundedBy a moat. The tooth is not on public display but is locked within a series of gold caskets.

PM   Watch a Cultural dancing show.
    Dinner and overnight at Holiday Bungalow.



After breakfast visit to other famous places near Kandy.
Lankatilake temple is a glorious building built on rock at a scenic location, which also has fine paintings.
Also visit “Gadaladeniya” Temple, and “Ambbake” Temple.

Gadaladeniya temple This 14 century temple is situated about 15Km from the town. The structure of the temple is influenced by the South Indian architecture and built on a rock. The stupa is on a high stone platform.

Ambbake temple The main attraction is the elaborate wooden carving of this 14th century shrine dedicated to God Kataragama. There is also a Buddhist temple on location. Almost the entire structures of some wooden buildings are decorated with dancers, musicians, wrestlers, legendary beasts and birds.

On the way back to the Bungalow , visit some of Art & Crafts shops.

Handicrafts - Kandy is probably the best place to buy most of the handicrafts produced in Sri Lanka because there are number of shops catering to the tourists.

PM   Leisure at Holiday Bungalow.
    Dinner and overnight at Holiday Bungalow.



After breakfast proceed to Habarana. Enroute visit to a Spice garden in Matale, also visit The “Aluvihare”Temple.

PM   Relax at the Eth Mansala Holiday Bungalow.
    Dinner and overnight at Eth Mansala Holiday Bungalow Habarana.


After breakfast leave for Sigiriya climb the Sigiriya Rock Fortress

Sigiriya… Sri Lankan architectural tradition is well displayed at Sigiriya, the best-preserved city center in Asia from the first millennium, with its combination of buildings and gardens with their trees, The Complex consists of the central rock, rising 200meters above the surrounding plain, and the two rectangular precincts on the east (90 hectares) and the west (40 hectares), surrounded by two moats and three ramparts.

The water garden, moats and ramparts are based on an ‘echo plan’ duplicating the layout and design on either side. There are also remains of paintings in some of the caves at the foot of the rock. It is nothing less than a masterpiece of expressionist paintings.

PM   Safari at Minneriya National Park.
Minneriya National Park… approximately 8900 hectares in extent is in the Central North region of the country. This is one of the newest parks in Sri Lanka with a resident wild elephant population of nearly 200. Forest with high canopy provides an ideal habitat conditions for purple-faced leaf monkey and toque monkey. Minneriya is also a paradise for samba and spotted deer. The surrounding wetlands is inhabited by a large number of aquatic bird species and it is not too rare a scene to view 2000 little cormorants diving into the waters of the Minneriya reservoir.

Dinner overnight at Eth Mansala Holiday Bungalow.




After breakfast leave for Anuradhapura visit the ancient sites.

Anuradhapura has been made royal capital by the king Pandukabhaya in 380 BC. It remained residence and royal capital for 119 successive Singhalese kings till the year 1000 AD when it was abandoned and the capital moved to Polonnaruwa. You will see some of the most famous as well as the tallest Dagoba of Sri Lanka , remains from palaces, temples, monasteries, ceremonial baths and the temple of the holy Bo tree. This tree was grown from a sapling of the very tree under which more than 2500 years ago the Buddha found enlightenment.

A Dagobais a dome enshrining sacred relics or the bodily remains of the Buddha, or articles used by Him like the alms bowl and other objects of veneration. It is built in different sizes on a pedestal with a spire on top crowned with a pinnacle.

    Dinner and overnight Eth Mansala Holiday Bungalow.



After breakfast leave for Polonnaruwa Visit the Magnificent ancient culture

Polonnaruwa 140kms northeast of Kandy and 104kms southeast of Colombo . The Island ’s medieval capital (11 th -12 th Century AD) rose to fame after Anuradhapura decline. The largest of it’s many reservoirs, The Parakrama Samudra, is larger than the Colombo Harbor . Although it is 1000years old, it is much younger than Anuradhapura , and in much better condition.

PM   Visit to Dambulla Cave temple

Dambulla … Rock Temple is a magnificent gallery of Buddha images and wall and ceiling paintings not seen anywhere else in the Island . It is a complex of five cave temples with its origin going back to the Anuradhapura period (1st century BC). However due to additions and restorations done by various rulers over the past two thousand years what now remains are mostly the works of the Kandyan period (18th century).

Dinner overnight at Eth Mansala Holiday Bungalow.




After breakfast leave for Sinharaja forest reserve. Enroute visit to the Elephant Orphanage Pinnawela.

Pinnawela.. This popular attraction, established as a sanctuary covering 25 acres of lush forest by the Sri Lankan Government in 1975, is unique. Its purpose is to feed, nurse and house young elephants lost or abandoned by their mothers. Recently the sanctuary has also started a breeding programme. Visitors are invited to observe and assist the baby elephants as they are fed from giant feeding bottles, before the pachyderms plod down to the river for their daily bath

Dinner and overnight at Eco Lodge Sinharaja.




After breakfast leave for a work through the Tropical Rain forest .

Sinharaja was initially declared a Man & Biosphere Reserve in 1978 for its representation of Tropical Humid Evergreen Forest eco-system in Sri Lanka and had been recognized by UNESCO as part of its International Network of Biosphere Reserves.  Subsequently, in 1988, it was declared a National Wilderness Area, under the National Heritage Wilderness Area Act and in 1989 it received the great honor of being declared a World Heritage Site.   

The forest covers an area of approximately 11,187 hectares.  From east to west the length of the forest is about 21 km and from north to south, it is about 3.7 km in width

PM Relax at the Lodge.

Dinner and overnight at Eco Lodge Sinharaja.





Morning enjoy with Bird watching in Sinharaja.

Bird Watching Sri Lanka ’s abundant bird-life makes the island a true Ornithologist’s paradise.  Of the 427-recorded species, 250 are resident and 23 are endemic to the country.  With such a variety of environments ranging from wet to dry zone, forest to jungle, and hill country to low lands, there’s no end to the fascinating locations in which to spot many of these beautiful birds.  Most of the endemics (such as the Sri Lankan grackle) are restricted to the wet zone, while birds such as the Sri Lanka whistling thrush and the yellow-eared bulbul reside in the hill country.  Others, like the brilliantly plumaged jungle fowl, the striking red-faced malkoha and the shy brown-capped babbler can be found in forests and sanctuaries throughout the island. Among the best areas for sighting these birds are the SINHARAJA RAIN FOREST Reserve.

PM Leisure at Eco Lodge.

Dinner and overnight at Eco Lodge Sinharaja.



After breakfast leave Mirissa.To relax by the beautiful beach

South Coast of Sir Lanka The southern coastal belt is the most popular among the tourists and comes to life mainly from October through April when the monsoon moves north east and the sea becomes calm with blue skies. It is an ideal place to spend the winter vacation fully made use of by the European tourists.

PM Leisure at Beach.

Dinner and overnight at Giragala rest House.



PM   Leisure at Beach.
    Dinner and overnight at Giragala rest House.




PM   Leisure at beach / Optional do a city tour.
    Dinner and overnight at Giragala rest House.




After breakfast leave for Colombo . Enroute visit to the Turtle sanctuary at Kosgoda, Ahungalla.

Ahungalla is a small and serene traditional fishing village located on the southwestern tip of Sri Lanka . The areas around Ahungalla are untouched by man and abound with fauna, flora and wildlife. Golden beaches stretch northwards up the coastline from Ahungalla, broken only by the mouths of rivers feeding into the sea.

Visit theTurtle Hatchery in Kosgoda

Five of the world's 8 species of turtles use Sri Lankan beaches for nesting. All 5 species are listed as endangered. You are advised not to purchase any turtle shell products or release baby turtles to the sea during daylight hours (as the survival rate is very low).

The Turtle Hatchery at Kosgoda is a conservation project that is helping to sustain and enhance the stability of sea turtles

PM Check in at Galle Face Hotel.

Evening City tour in Colombo.

Dinner and overnight at Galle Face Hotel.



After breakfast time for shopping

City shopping Visit the Majestic city, Liberty plaza, House of Fashion, ODEL Unlimited for the ready-made garment. Shop for the Mlesna Tea exquisite. Visit the Lanka Ceramic center.

PM Proceed to Airport for departure flight.


Rent a Car option

There are many rent-a-car companies in major towns. Many provide chauffeur driven vehicles too. Rates are very reasonable to travel around the county.


Three wheelers frequently called as trishaws are in plenty all over the country and good for very short distances. There are new taxi companies with well maintained automobile cars operating from Colombo city and could be used to go to almost any city.


Please contact us for the tour package rates. Please note that we can arrange the Budget Tour packages according to the Customer Requirements



CHARLET - Bogawanthlawa
Magestic waterafalls cascade past tea carpeted mountains.All this Whilst Lake Castlereagh flows quietly by relaxing mind and body.
ETH MANSALA  - Habarana
The Wilds of Sri Lanka are home to the "Gentale giants" - Elephants. This is one spot to observe them
A Glimpse of Adam's Peak , Cool mountain breez, the natural watre pool, this is a place to relax your mind & body
At Galapita we live by the rhythms of the forest and the changing seasons, and specially do not worry about anything. We hope we can help you achieve, for a few days at least, this sense of harmony and felicity.
Cool mountain breez, steams and spouts that fill the senses and invigorate your body.